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Barclay Bros. is promoting a new development scheme and is currently talking to several local authorities about small developments of areas in need of regeneration. The scheme involves the employment of local people, stimulation of the local economy and training for newly employed apprentices.


The director of Barclays has been canvassing for 2 ½ years to bring this project to fruition. He is convinced the benefits for the local people and economy will be immense and the number of apprentice placements will far exceed any previous construction schemes before.


Barclay Bros. has a good track record of developing quality units that withstand the vigour’s of housing tenants on short term leases. All previous developments have been retained by Barclay Bros. the largest of which is a 16 unit development comprising of houses and flats.

During the promotion of our development scheme and whilst canvassing we were able to present our idea to Minister Grant Shapps his comments following that meeting are posted below.


Hi Dean,


Just to confirm the quote from Grant Shapps (Housing Minister) earlier was as



"Dean Barclay's is a superb scheme, which makes sense on every level. I am

particularly impressed by his commitment to taking on apprentices. This is exactly the

sort of thing that the Government believes can help to solve the housing crisis in this



Hope this is useful.

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Paul Abbott

Researcher to Robert Halfon MP

House of Commons | London | SW1A 0AA

0207 219 7223